October 2016

Four Cambridge students set out to automate the law. They develop a chatbot that helps victims of criminal law. People love it

November 2016

The prototype is online. Thousands of users from Britain and North America ask LawBot for help. More law students (bored with their studies) join.

March 2017

LawBot now answers questions on divorce. Hundreds of users ask for help on the first day. The team faces a difficult decision.

March 2017

LawBot.1 goes offline for redevelopment. The LawBot team joins the English LawTech scene to learn and share experiences/technology.

July 2017

LawBot.X will launch in Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Future

LawBot.X will become the first generally competent lawyer-robot ever. LawBot.General will launch worldwide

Our Approach

You tell us the facts, we tell you if you win.

Real Conversations

We got tired of dumb bots that don't understand more than three words. So we're building one that understands everything.

Accurate Results

Our bot gets 71% of cases right. That's better than anything else you'll get in 5 minutes. Every conversation makes LawBot smarter.

Professional Network

We can get you a lawyer and save you time and money. Our network has some of the country's top firms.

Free to Use


We're automating legal services.

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