The LawBot Story

Fall 2016

Conceived at the University of Cambridge, the LawBot pilot project launches to scope the utility of digital legal assistants in a conversational interface. Scientific journals and popular news from many countries feature the project

Spring 2016

The pilot project helps thousands of users from multiple countries with their legal problems every month. The LawBot team ends the pilot project, increases team size and funding, and commits to developing a generally intelligent legal assistant.

Summer 2017

LawBot X understands every type of legal claim from all common law jurisdictions and correctly predicts the outcome of the case with an unprecedented accuracy of 71% - a first on this scale. LawBot X makes predictions for users on Facebook Messenger and offers to match users with appropriate law firms.

Fall 2017

LawBot plans to raise 5 million £ + in an ICO and prepares to launch its Legal Network and Corporate Analytics Product in the United States.

Our Bot Features

You tell us the facts, we tell you if you win.

Real Conversations

We were disappointed with bots that don't understand very much. So we built one that understands everything. Through cutting-edge machine learning and intelligent UX design, LawBot can process even the most complicated messages.

Accurate Results

LawBot gets 71% of cases right and every conversation makes LawBot smarter. Our software is very robust, performing well across every area of law and even different historical periods. Our accuracy is the highest in the world on this scale.

Professional Network

LawBot can match you with a law firm in our network. LawBot learns user and law firm preferences to ensure smart matches. Our network includes some of the UK's top firms.

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