Frequently Asked Questions

LawBot is not hard to understand. We believe you don't know something until you can explain it. Below we've collected important questions and answers about our artificial intelligence.


There are no dumb questions. Only dumb bots.

  1. What is LawBot.X?
  2. LawBot is a chatbot that calculates your chances of winning a legal claim. We are a free service, available on Facebook Messenger. Drawing information from users’ Facebook profiles and their description of events, LawBot calculates their chances of winning a claim. Currently, LawBot gets it right 71% of the time. LawBot pairs these users with law firms tailored to meet their needs. Law firms are given the facts and likelihood of success of potential clients, saving both time and money for clients and lawyers.

  3. Is LawBot artificially intelligent?
  4. Are you intelligent? Humans are intelligent because they learn from experiences around them and improve their chances of succeeding at a task. This is what LawBot does – it gets smarter with each conversation. LawBot does so through data science techniques, delivered via a python-based web app leveraging cutting edge machine learning tools to calculate the winning chances of a user based on a model trained on previous data sets.

  5. Is my data safe?
  6. Yes – the safety of your information is our top priority. We keep our users’ information secure, anonymised and encrypted. Our employees follow strict cyber security guidelines to ensure the risk of security breaches is minimised. If you have any other questions, look at our privacy policy or get in touch.

  7. What countries can LawBot deal with?
  8. LawBot can help users from Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. LawBot only speaks English, but we are adding Mandarin.

  9. Is LawBot a lawyer?
  10. No, LawBot is a robot designed to fill a gap in legal services. We don’t provide legal advice, but give you a specific piece of information about your problem: how likely you are to win. Maybe one day LawBot will be able to help with you with everything, but right now we have a network of real lawyers to deal with anything LawBot cannot provide.

  11. What happened to the old LawBot?
  12. We don't talk about him (ever.)

  13. I have more questions!
  14. We have more answers! Email us at