Initial Coin Offering

We want to raise money to do what we love without losing control of our company. Later this year, LawBot will issue its own cryptocurrency. You can use our cryptocurrency to buy services from us.

LawBot's ICO

Decentralised investment means spreading risk democratically.

The Problem

We need to raise to build general legal intelligence. Investors have . They will give us in exchange for shares in our company. That gives investors significant control over our company.

The Solution

We issue our own cryptocurrency. Our community purchases our cryptocurrency and uses it to buy services from us. A smart contract ensures that the cryptocurrency is beyond anyone's (including our own) control.

An Example

Law firm A wants to become a member of our network. Instead of paying us a fee in , they purchase our cryptocurrency for . They then use the cryptocurrency to buy services from us. They can also trade the cryptocurrency freely on the open market with other law firms, investors, or people. The exchange rate may change, but the price of our service stays the same.

The Result

We get investment to grow without giving up control of our company. The community prices our services and tells us what problems we should solve next. The investment risk is spread democratically across the community since no single member need buy more of our cryptocurrency than they want. Everybody wins

Is this safe?

Yes. We are working with professional venture capitalists and experienced blockchain experts who have succesfully implemented these systems before. Blockchain (the technology powering cryptocurrencies) is new, but eliminates the need for aggressive investors and anonymously tracks transactions - it's impossible to steal!

What's an ICO?

The Initial Coin Offering is the first time we sell the cryptocurrency at a fixed exchange rate. It's like an IPO, but instead of buying a share in our company, you buy cryptocurrency that you can use to buy services from us. It's simpler than it sounds, and we will explain everything in detail closer to the date.

What's a white paper and a USP?

A white paper is an outline of what we plan to do with the investment raised in the ICO. It's the plan we are proposing to the community. A USP (Unique Sales Proposition) is what makes our service different from others.

I have more questions!

As always, please get in touch with us at We will also out together a dedicated Tech Support team closer to the ICO to ensure a perfectly smooth and safe operation.

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